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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

The M65 RGB ULTRA is a good, high-end, quite extravagantly designed gaming mouse. Its design is non-symmetrical. The shape is optimal for the claw, but the fingertip grip style is also possible. The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra is a mouse for people with rather small-medium hands (well, for larger ones when you use the fingertip grip). There are eight buttons here at your disposal. That should be enough for the majority of the players, even for MOBA, and for sure for the FPS.  You get the new 26K DPI MARKSMAN sensor, which performs great, especially with the 8000 Hz Report Rate. But to use that high value, you need to have a minimum of an Intel i7 9th generation or AMD Ryzen 7 2nd generation processor (or equivalent). According to Corsair, it's not a light mouse (97 g without a cable) which you can additionally increase by using the provided six weights (which take a bit of time, as you need to screw it in), which would give 115 g of the mass for the mouse.



The USB cable is not stiff, and the paracord is nice in touch. The sensor responds very well, with no noticeable interpolation or angle snapping. Some people can be disappointed, but you won't find multiple RGB zones here; only two are available, but the three "strips" at the bottom can make a nice impression. The lighting can be adjusted in iCUE software. The buttons provide nice feedback when pressed (and they're very quiet), offer an excellent response, and should bring great durability, as these are Omron. Well, the rating of durability is not given (so it's not 50 million clicks), but we can assume that the quality would still be good. Additionally, thanks to the QUICKSTRIKE technology  -the buttons feature a spring-loaded pre-tensioned design with zero gaps between the primary mouse buttons and their switches so that all your shots and spells register immediately with virtually no travel distance. There's also a gesture system, which allows four programmable actions. One obvious downside is the lack of anti-slip rubber pads on the sides, but they're textured, so it's partially compensated.



For 69.99 USD, you get a high-end, 26K DPI wired gaming mouse (there's also a wireless version for 109.99 USD) aimed at players who want much functionality and lighting effects. The design is not modest, and this mouse should still be comfortable in daily usage. Well, you may need some time to get used to it. Not everyone will like it in the final result. You need to remember that it's a mainly Claw grip style mouse; fingertip is also available, but the palm is a no-no. The report rate is 8000 Hz, but despite that, it's not in the Corsair "Champion Series." You need to remember that this high value needs some processing power, and you have to use Intel i7 9th generation or AMD Ryzen 7 2nd generation processor (or equivalent). The build quality and ergonomics of the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra are great; there's also some aluminum used here. You can't miss the gesture system, where you can program four actions that can be completed thanks to the built-in six-axis gyro and accelerometer. There's a possibility of weight adjustment (from default 97 g) using the six weights. It could be a bit less time-consuming to install them (as you need to screw them in), but it's a bit of nit-picking.
What you get is a complete and agile gaming mouse with a non-standard design. That's a "Recommended" award, as it's a great quality and performance product. The main drawback can be the design, which not everyone would like, and there's, for example, no pinkie support. Also, it's not suited for the palm grip style, but rather claw and fingertip.

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