Corsair M65 RGB Ultra mouse review

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Product Showcase


Let's see what the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra looks like. It's a rather short and wide mouse.



The mouse is based on the 26,000 DPI MARKSMAN sensor and comes with eight programmable buttons. The main buttons use the Omron optical switches. The surface of the device is black plastic, with a matte, slightly slippery texture. Unfortunately, it picks up the grease quite easily.



The weight of the mouse is rather normal, as it's 97 g. You'll spot a single Corsair logo on the backside of the top (which can be lit up by RGB LEDs). The design is rather extravagant so it won't stay unnoticed, for example, in office spaces. The RGB-lit areas here are the Corsair Logo at the back of the upper section of the mouse, the mouse wheel, and, thanks to the design – the three "stripes" under the wrist.



The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra is optimal both for the claw grip style. Still - nothing prevents you from using the Fingertip grip, where you can make small wrist movements at high DPI. The housing is non-symmetrical.


You can find two "regular" buttons in total on the left side and a "Sniper" button. It would be good to have rubberized grips on the sides instead of plastic ones, but still – they serve their purpose well enough. The scroll has a rubber surface with a texture.



The M65 RGB ULTRA is a short mouse, and it's rather high – it should be suitable for people with small and medium hands. As mentioned earlier, it's intended for claw grippers, but fingertip grip is also possible. You can spot a logotype with the "//M65" name on the edge of a left mouse button.

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