Corsair M65 RGB Ultra mouse review

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Testing the mouse

Testing the mouse

Reviewing a mouse is a bit tricky (almost like with audio devices). Normally, I use a Mountain Makalu 67 (after long usage of Logitech G903, which was a wireless one), and you have to remember that I have very big palms. I wouldn't say I liked the experience with the M65 RGB ULTRA at the first contact. It is not very light (at 97-113 g); it's rather short and high and should mostly satisfy users with small/medium hands. The design is overall a nice one, but not my first-choice option. After using it for some time – I got used to the shape, and it was a nice experience.


As you can see, the polling rate (8000 Hz) is not achieved (usually, it's up to 1500 Hz).
For gaming tests, I've used:

  • PUBG,
  • Battlefield 1,
  • Call of Duty: WW2



The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra did very well in all cases because it's responsive. The (two) side buttons are easily reachable. The Sniper button is also a good addition. It would help if you remembered that there are eight buttons in total, and every one of them is programmable in the iCUE. The main buttons are very nice and responsive (and quieter than usual for mice in my reviews). One note here – they're optical (and made by Omron). I have to admit that their jump is very low. This is due to the implementation of QUICKSTRIKE. The buttons feature a spring-loaded pre-tensioned design with zero gaps between the primary mouse buttons and their switches so that all your shots and spells register immediately with virtually no travel distance. The volume of clicks is very low, and it shouldn't bother the majority of the users.  The scroll is pleasant to use, thanks to the rubber surface. The sniper button is great for higher DPI gaming, then hold the button, and you can drop the DPI down to get those precision shots. The MARKSMAN 26K sensor is great. We found that we didn't have to go any further than 3200 DPI for our gaming needs. Truth be told, though, the 26K sensor and 8000Hz polling rates are hard to notice in real life. Movements are registered as they should be. We did not encounter any undesirable phenomena in the tests or when gaming (such as the pointer moving by itself), and the level of precision is high. The sensor responds very well with no noticeable interpolation or angle snapping. DPI selection (two buttons) works nice and fast - it is within reach of the fingers (under the scroll) and is well-trackable. The six-axis gyro can be programmed with CORSAIR iCUE software for tilt gestures so that you can map in-game commands such as reload or weapon switch to quick, simple mouse movements. Some may find it very useful. The weight is ok, but you can always make it higher with the six bundled weights. All you need is to screw them in, which could have been done in a less time-consuming way, but that's not a big drawback.



As for the lighting effects, there are two zones for the RGB; one is the Corsair Logo and the second – scroll wheel.  The result is very good, thanks to the three "strips" under the place where you place your wrist at. The mouse looks stunning, though, and the crisp and vibrant colours of the lighting. The grip is great, but you need to remember to use mainly the claw grip style. Well, the fingertip is also possible, where you can make small wrist movements at high DPI. The provided USB cable is not stiff, and it's covered in paracord. The liftoff distance is great. The M65 RGB Ultra stops tracking after about 1 DVD in height – that's an excellent result. It would be good to have rubberized grips on the sides instead of plastic ones, but it's still ok, especially since a texture allows better mouse handling. Aaah, there's also no pinkie support.

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