Corsair iCUE LINK H150i LCD review

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Corsair's H (yeah that's for Hydro) series of All-In-One CPU liquid coolers has evolved significantly over time. It's understandable to question whether Corsair's frequent updates truly enhance cooling performance compared to their previous-generation models. However, with the introduction of the LINK H150i LCD, Corsair demonstrates that their newer offerings bring substantial improvements, and this goes beyond the inclusion of an LCD screen as the new LINK and cable management is introduced here as well. The new H150i sets itself apart by delivering good performance compared to some of its predecessors, with the looks to match combined with ease of installation and less cable clutter. Regarding its fans, cold plate, and various updates.


Corsair's LINK iCUE H150i LCD stands out as one of the more capable CPU coolers we've tested in a while. While it may not claim the top spot in our charts, there's no denying its impressive capabilities. Notably, this cooler boasts a nice quiet pump, enhancing its overall appeal. For those considering this closed-loop liquid cooler, the standout feature is undoubtedly its IPS LCD screen and QX RGB fans. If not for this feature, one might opt for the non-LCD model, which comes at a significantly lower price point. The LCD screen on this cooler allows users to monitor CPU thermals, display custom animations or GIFs, and showcase static images. This level of customization sets it apart from standard RGB lighting options, making it unique and appealing to users. Corsair's iCUE/Link software has seen notable improvements in recent years, making it our preferred RGB control software. However, it's important to note that iCUE does tether you to the Corsair ecosystem, which is a consideration to keep in mind. Nevertheless, the software has become more user-friendly and easier to navigate, a positive step forward by Corsair in enhancing the user experience. On the iCUE Elite LCD coolers, there is no problem with socket compatibility, that's including Alder- and Raptor lake support and thus Intel's LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2066, and LGA2011 sockets, as well as AMD's AM4, AM5 sockets. Backed by a a new six-year limited warranty the units do not come cheap though, the LCD version will cost 319 USD for the tested H150i model. Here's something to remember though, if you already own one of the brand's LINK iCUE coolers, you may upgrade the LCD of your CPU cooler with the iCue CPU cooler LCD upgrade it, which costs $99.99.


We tested the 360mm radiator, version 150i, which is quite potent in cooling. It is a cooler series that is easy on the eyes and comes with a relatively tool-free installation. The unit will offer good performance, not exceptional as the key for this release is low noise levels. While we cannot recommend it for reasons we'll explain later, you could even select an optional 0-DBA mode. As long as the coolant stays under 40 Degrees, C the fans do not spin. So without further ado, let's have a peek at it and head onwards into the review.

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