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Final words and conclusion

The Corsair iCUE LINK H150i LCD introduces the LINK system designed to minimize visible wiring from the cooling block. Fans connect through a chain mechanism to the LINK hub, with an additional USB cable for the LCD on the radiator, reducing the clutter in the motherboard CPU area. While the H150i features an LCD, an RGB ring front-facing plate, and silent operation, one of its most notable attributes is its cleaner design due to the reduced wiring visibility. The unit allows for sound adjustments, making quiet operation achievable. The performance of this model was slightly improved from previous Corsair series H models, and though it showed decent cooling capabilities, it wasn't as comprehensive as the Elite series in cooling performance (yet plentiful). The primary focus for this release has been on cable management and aesthetic enhancements.


One strong suggestion I would make is this. We used a hotter-than-hell Core i9 12900K, really that CPU runs hotter than my daughter, and also the 13900K and 14900k. The default performance modes might be a north too noisy. The cool thing about iCUe is that you can create your own temperature / RPM delta's. We'd recommend the pump at variable speed, and make a fan profile that runs just over 50% RPM/PWM. It's sufficient and makes this LCS a lot less noisy. 


The kit comes with a mounting method that facilitates easy assembly. The unit is manufactured with a pre-filled coolant in a closed loop. The fans already have been installed for you, so pretty much it's an install plus some wiring only. Installation involves attaching the backplate and standoff screws, positioning the cooler, and securing it with the screws, that's it. This kit offers a design that might fit well within many PC setups. It provides an alternative to heat-pipe coolers and tends to operate with reduced noise. The installation process is straightforward and can be completed in roughly ten minutes without the need for specialized skills.



The Corsair LINK ICUE H150i LCD was introduced with a price point of slightly above 320 USD for the 360mm model that was tested. The pricing in the EU may be comparable or even higher, though it is subject to variations based on the VAT specific to individual countries and the current USD to EURO exchange rate. Factors contributing to this price include the new QX RGB fans, the included LINK Controller, and the integrated IPS-based LCD screen.




Over the years LCS units have evolved in their features as the capabilities in cooling and acoustic performance became more optimized. Notably, there was an introduction of RGB in pumps and fans, followed by the integration of a small LCD screen in the last year or so. Corsair's approach allowed users to configure the LCD screen display as per their preferences, with many choosing to display the processor's package temperature, load level or even a mix of GPU and CPU temps facilitated by the iCUE software. The new iCUE LINK H150i LCD has notable features, including its visual appeal and cable management thanks to the new LINK  controller. Its cooling performance, especially when the processor is overclocked, is respectable but a notch lower than the Elite XT versions. For optimal silent operations, setting the fans and pump at a custom profile is advisable. The iCUE software provides advanced customization options for such RPM behaviour. Overall we're happy with what we see though, and the cooling results yielded good values versus the acoustics. The aesthetics are just downright gorgeous with an impressive LCD and with a bit of cable routing lack of visible cables.  The entire kit as tested is priced at around $300, which includes QX Elite fans, an LCD, and the LINK controller enhancing visual appeal and facilitating your cable management. Overall, the system provides effective cooling, reduced acoustics, and impressive aesthetics. With the integration of iCUE, the setup is recommended but sure, expensive.


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