Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless Headset review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

With an MSRP of 149.99 USD/EUROs, Corsair has created an intriguing headset in this category. The HS80 RGB Wireless provides gamers an opportunity to obtain a high-quality headset solution without sacrificing audio or, importantly, mic quality, which is exceptionally good, especially considering the fact that it is a wireless solution. The wearing comfort was excellent, thanks to the free-floating headband design, which works wonders here. The sound quality is excellent; you will not experience any discomfort when listening to music (unless, of course, you are an audiophile – in which case, I doubt that this device would even be considered). The introduction of Dolby Atmos technology makes the HS80 RGB Wireless a fantastic addition to the series, and it does wonders with sound, despite the fact that it only has two drivers. It did, in fact, sound quite good in video games, which was surprising, and it was worthy of a recommendation.


It’s a good package for the money you spend, given the two 50 mm neodymium magnets. The drivers offer a sound that’s detailed enough and has a wide spectrum. Of course (as the name of the product states), you get the RGB here – but I don’t get the point of that for a normal user. Well, for streamers, maybe it makes some sense because they’d be visible during the broadcast. The wireless functionality is a great thing. The range was reaching up to 15 meters (Corsair states up to 20 meters). The safe range was ~10 meters. The other thing about wireless usage is the battery life. Corsair says up to 20 hours. We got about 16-17, so that’s a good result. And as you get the Slipstream connection, there are no noticeable delays. You can charge the battery using the provides USB cable.  

Wearing Comfort

The HS80 RGB Wireless is excellent in this respect. It feels very good in weight (as it’s rather light), and it’s very comfortable given the simple design. The ear padding is comfortable, and the headband is made solidly. Even longer sessions are not tiresome and your ears don’t get too warm despite the usage of close ear cups.   


The HS80 RGB Wireless is a terrific value for 149.99 USD/EUR. Overall, it gives very decent audio quality (with Dolby Atmos support and a very good microphone). The HS80 RGB Wireless gives a very robust performance for music and gaming thanks to 50 mm drivers that produce more accurate, detailed sound. Excellent wearing comfort is yours. The headband is important since it must be sturdy and as for the ear cup mounts, these should be just as sturdy. The wireless capability works well; with a battery life of 16-17 hours and a range of 10-15 meters, the device is very versatile. A combination of two years of warranty coverage, as well as outstanding build quality, must be highlighted at the end of this evaluation. Also, it is possible to use the 3.5mm wired plug cable to connect the base unit to anything with a similar connector. It’s a headset worthy of a Recommended award.



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