Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless Headset review

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Gaming experience and MIC

Gaming experience and MIC

For testing the headset let's simply talk through a handful of games:


Our test could not miss one of the hottest titles of recent years. In many situations, this popular battle royale game requires patience and capturing audio details that can reveal, e.g., if another player is in the same building as you. So, the spatial aspect of the sound is important, making it easier to determine the direction from which the opponent is coming and even how far away they are. The test consisted of playing a single match in solo mode. The Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless works very well in PUBG.


Here, the sound becomes just an addition for us, partly because we could not even feel the headphones on our heads because of their lightness. The advantage of this is that you can focus on the game better. Everything seems to be correct. The headset does a great job of presenting environment detail. Positioning is great here, providing us with a full sense of orientation in the field and the ability to determine where the sound is coming from. clarity was very well as well.  


Call of Duty: WW2

Here, positioning is at a high level – we were able to locate sounds coming from any direction (including up and down) without any problems. In short, determining changes in the distance from the sound source was easy for me. Sound-wise, it’s all like it should be. 

Project Cars 3

Racing games are very entertaining and also very dependent on the quality of the sound. Bass reproduction was crucial here, and the HS80 RGB Wireless didn’t disappoint, thanks to 50 mm neodymium audio drivers. It was great to use this headset here. 

DiRT Rally 2.0

Rally cars at their finest. DiRT Rally is a very demanding simulation (maybe not as much as Richard Burns Rally, but not that far off). The sound is realistic, and you can almost feel the engine’s roar and grind of the transmission. The HS80 RGB Wireless did great in DiRT Rally 2.0 so that you won’t miss any important sounds.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is diverse, and some funky tunes can take advantage of the headset’s rich bass reproduction. The two 50 mm neodymium drivers make a difference in this game. You can almost feel like you’re really in Ludendorff or Paleto Bay.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

All ambient sounds are reproduced nicely. The stage is sufficient for this game. Weapon strikes sound very realistic. 


Dolby Atmos game - Forza Horizon 4

This is a great open-world racing game. Not a simulator, but it brings a lot of fun. Also, it’s one of the titles that support the Dolby Atmos. This really brings a difference here! The sound of engines (not only yours) is easy to be distinguished, but the positioning is also accurate. 

Testing the microphone

As part of the testing protocol, we also checked the microphone in several applications. First, we used Discord, then did some multiplayer gaming, and played some sound samples with WavePad (an alternative to Audacity). The HS80 RGB WIRELESS has a very good and clear microphone, with very good clarity and low noise and hum. It’s on par with other modern (wired) headset microphones. It should be enough even in more advanced applications, like streaming; the “broadcast-grade” marketing is accurate here.

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