Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless Headset review

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Product Showcase




The ear-cups on the HS80 RGB WIRELESS are big and padded with breathable cloth fabric. Equipped with a stress-free floating headband design – it’s adjusting very good to the size of the head.



The feel of the headset is great, thanks to the ear cups that are cushioned with memory foam and padding.


Overall, the cups are very comfortable to wear, even for a guy with a relatively big head, like me. Head sizes do differ, but most users will probably find that they fit. The headband uses memory foam, so it should adjust to the shape of your head with the help of the heat generated by your body. The interior of the cups features a soft, premium memory foam material; the breathable microfiber mesh fabric does make the solution complete. 


The mic is not removable and should bring broadcast-grade quality. It has a LED for indicating the microphone status. To mute the mic, you need to flip it up.




The rotating knob is for volume / up /down. The button above is for turning on/off. You can see the Corsair logo; this is the thing that the RGB lights up.


A bit of RGB here. Visible on the Corsair Logo and LED on the microphone.

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