Corsair HS1 and Sharkoon Xtatic SP Review

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Photography -- Sharkoon Xstatic SP


Sharkoon Xtatic SP

Opening the Kimono

The Xtatic SP has quite a bit of accessories to handle all the connectivity options, as you can see.  Cable clutter aside, connecting up the Xtatic SPs can a little tricky.  There are two cables coming out the 3.7 meter end of the SP, a USB for power and microphone, and a 3.5mm stereo plug for audio in.  You can run it straight from the USB, which I imagine a lot of PC folks will do since its much easier to connect it.  Theres a downside to doing this, the sound will be in mono.  You dont want mono.

Sharkoon Xtatic SP kit n' kaboodle


Anyway, you also get cables for your Xbox 360 and Playstation3.  Theres also a chat cable included.

'Ello boys!


The Xtatic SP are a solid pair of headsets.  They are a little bit smaller than the HS1 and slightly lighter, but still have a solid feel to them.

Ah, the inviting comfort of velour


Ah, all the plush velour that you could ask for.  While there are larger earcups out there, Sennheiser for example, the Xstatic SP fit perfectly around the ear.  They fit just about as snug as the HS1 and pass the headbanger test.

Ready to rumble.

Compared to the HS1, these look like headphones.  The Xtatic SP are quite nice looking headphones, but that shiny exterior does hide some pretty sharp teeth.  I'll reveal that later, but for now let's keep moving on. 

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