Corsair HS1 and Sharkoon Xtatic SP Review

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Photography -- HS1



The HS1

Yes, hold it!  Yes, you sexy machine!


The Corsair HS1 comes in a nice package, mostly cardboard for easy recycling.  The package itself is an interesting origami puzzle.  I suppose if youre smart enough to get the HS1 out of its cradle without tearing, youre worthy enough to use them.  I was not so lucky.

Ah, let the origami puzzle begin!

You dont find a lot in the package, to be expected, but the inclusion of a driver disc is a little surprising.  You also get a few bits of paper about troubleshooting and a quick-start guide.  All very well done.

Immodest, to say the least.

Ah, plush velour earpads.  I used to be a Grado guy, while the sound is really outstanding, the on-ear earpads are just killer.  After 10 years, I upgraded to around-the-ear earpads.  Im not going back!

Good materials, simple design, I might even call these elegant.

The materials in the HS1 are very nice, soft rubbery touch stuff on the plastic bits, and a fairly well padded headband.  The silvery stuff is plastic, but tastefully matte.  I would appear that the top of the headband has more padding than the underside, the part that touches your head, but it is an illusion.  Theres plenty, and its squishy soft.

Headset and a hand.

The HS1 are adjustable on both sides, of course, and they also swivel and fold.  As I commented in the introduction, having the swivel and fold features are somewhat strange since these are pretty big headphones.

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