Corsair HS1 and Sharkoon Xtatic SP Review

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Photography -- HS1

Side shot.

Offering about 2cm of adjustment on both sides, the HS1 sits very well on the head.  It was a fairly strong clamp, though, allowing a good bit of headbanging before they could be shaken off.  Hey reviewing isn't all fun and games, you know.

The do fold up, sorta.

The headband is very soft and plush.  It appears to have more padding on top, however, this is an illusion.  Theres more than a centimeter of padding under the band, making these very comfortable.

But will they blend?  No, better not think that.

Gratuitous shot here.  I can't make up my mind, the HS1 are elegant and understated, yet very different from other headsets out there.  The good news is that when they're on your head, you won't notice what they look like. 

Moving on.  The USB puck is where all the magic happens.  

Yes, there's a WoW reference here.  Spooky looking too.

There is a pretty potent audio chip lurking in there, a Cmedia CM6302, up to 16-bit, 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz, DAC for output, and 16-bit, 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz ADC for the microphone.  This chip also integrates a DSP that enables Xear 3D and Dolby® Digital technologies.  Windows reports 24-bit 96 KHz playback (USB audio spec is generally capped at 16-bit/48 KHz) ability, but that is surely using SRC to achieve that.

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