Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB Dolby headset review

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Watching Movies

Watching Movies

Now really ... who watches and listens to a movie on headphones? Um no, me neither -- it's all about gaming and tunes man! But as always we'll give it a go regardless of that fact. 

Rogue One - A Star Wars Story

Intro starts, silence ... and orchestra. Now  watching movies with headphones is something you probably should not do, but if you must, the VOID PRO might be just what the Doctor ordered. The headset offers a wide and dynamic feel in sound, a tiny bit hollow though?. Interestingly enough Dolby Headphone enabled seems to sound a hint better as voices are placed more in the middle and the surround sound feels a little wider spread in the audio scene. All tones are here and you can really hear every little thing that the audio editors injected into the movie. It is hard to describe sound, especially movie sound. But the sound space is detailed and sharp, deep bass much like the previous series offers really. Being virtualized surround the headset does not even come close to a true 5.1 or 7.1 cinema setup. It's virtualized stereo, but granted, it works fairly well with a movie.


You'll notice very intricate little details like the noise of a waterfall, and lasers .. which Star Wars are plentiful. It's both loved and hated, but really man I think it is a pretty good flick. In one of the battles you can hear explosions in the greatest detail, you can hear rubble come down to the ground. I watched roughly 15 minutes of the movie really comfortably. During movie playback we had the EQ tuned onto the Guru3D mode (tuned to my preference) with a little added bass and higher treble, and yes, Surround remained enabled as it sounded a notch better with this movie. The headset has good characteristics, with decent bass (tweaked in the EQ).

Resident Evil - the final chapter

Right the slaughtering bitch-fest that is Resident Evil, the final chapter. Honestly, I quite enjoyed the movie ! I dunno, perhaps it's related to my childhood crush on Alice, (played by Milla Jovovich), well actually Leeloo in the 5th element did that for me, like totally. The overall sound space is sounding nice and sharp, deep bass again a little hollow maybe. But hey, it's a headset not a Dolby Atmos Theater. Being virtualized surround the VOID PRO surround does a better impression again.



Oh hello Milla ! ;-) Sh**, sorry about that. The amount of small details in the audio envelope in Resident Evil are plentiful. But my opinion of surround sound headphones stands as it is, it is nothing like having a true surround system. Once you get past that idea you will learn to realize and respect the overall audio quality though. I watched roughly 15 minutes of RE Final Chapter the movie and do have to mention that the headset remains comfortable though the ears do tend to get a little warm. At one point I did add a little bass and higher treble over defaults, the VOID PRO experience is sounding clear with a nice pounding bass. Overall bright and sharp sounds, again a little hollow in the total audio spectrum. 

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