Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB Dolby headset review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Over the years we have tested more headsets then is good for my ears, from plain and simple towards the more advanced and professional gaming targeted series as reviewed today. Giving you guys an objective qualification on a headset however remains such a hard thing to do. What i might like in that audio envelope, you might hate. Some like deep bass, other normalized and so on. However the VOID PRO simply delivers, it's really good. There is a rich and vibrant audio quality coming from the two massive neodymium 50mm drivers. They offer rich sound and a wide audio spectrum. Audiophiles will hate it what I say it, but if you like a little more Bass, you'll have an excellent EQ at your disposal as well as several audio profiles to choose from. The Dolby headphone functionality brings virtulaized 7.1 sound, but remains to be just that. Specifically in movies I did feel that's where that function does kick in well, mostly you'll likely leave it disabled though. But again, nothing is as subjective as sound can be.

Wearing Comfort 

The new VOID Pro series from Corsair offer a nice improvement in wear quality, it feels light and comfy all way around, plain and simple. Previous generations, for example, after a while of wearing would make your ears rather warm. Next to that the headband could cause a little irritation. The good news is that the VOID PRO (and regular VOID as well) isn't bothered by that, a thicker headband in combo with a light-weight design seems to work out really well. The ear cups have very soft padding as well but do offer a bit of necessary ventilation. Other changes can be found in the design of the headband, whose hinges/swivel points have been mildly redesigned to be much more comfy wearing.


WIFI then, I stated already in the article that i have been sceptical about USB Wireless solutions for audio quality. That skepticism has passed as the VOID PRO impresses in both quality and range. Now I do think that the 2.4GHz wireless connection has been left unchanged, as well as the 50mm drivers, which are good tweaking them to your personal preference. But the overall wireless functionality, I simple so like. No wires, you can go 5 to 10 meters away from your desktop / PC and still hear audio or communicate over that MIC. A floor below, after 5 to 10 meters things get difficult fast though, sound simply dies off when you are out of range (and will pop back online once you are in range again). Being wireless we have to talk about battery life. It's actually pretty good, we got a good 15 hours out of a single charge which seems to be improved over previous models. Once you are out of juice you can simply plug in the charging cable and continue to play until all your base are belong to us. Lovely.



Dolby Surround?

The Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB Wireless Headset, is it really a 7.1 channel set? No, it isn't as it has two 50mm drivers and is thus in reality stereo. It's stereo that is being virtualized to 5.1 or 7.1. The overall surround envelope is wider in games and movies, but remains very average for music listening. Again stereo, each cup does not have multiple drivers, so to say.

Ar Gee Bee

OK, so the RGB lighting system is a bit gimmicky?, it serves no other function than to aesthetically please or impress your friends. I do have one suggestion here though, at a LAN party if you like to piss off your competitor, set the LED animation as bright as possible, make it flash on/off fast and nag thy neighbour. It's a bit of an extra, and heck, we like extras, always.





The Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB is a properly good product in all every way and angle you look at it. Good battery life, great wireless range and really good audio quality throughout the books. A fantastic improvement is the new CUE software, it's easy to use and has changed so much (for the better) over the years. Really, massive steps have been made in that department, which is great to see and follow. Now, these conclusions are always difficult as I mentioned, sound is such a subjective thing. Here's the thing, the base configuration is good, all the good stuff (hardware / drivers) are in there right? Since you can tweak the headset to your liking sound wise, the sky is the limit. That is a win.  Design wise it is a good looking kit, and even more importantly, it is very comfortable to wear. Along with that new Corsair CUE software things are easy enough to configure with enough options to choose from, in the end though it's all about the sound quality. The 50mm drivers offer good base quality in terms of sound combined with my aforementioned remarks, as yes, tweaking to your preference might be needed and mandatory. The Dolby headphone remains to be a another subjective matter, I found myself disabling it more often than should be necessary. However, with movies I turned it on for that bit of extra virtualized audio envelope. And ehm hey, the MIC is great with noise cancellation that actually works, a bit flat maybe but way above average to good I'd rate it. Pricing then, not bad at all eh?, the wireless PRO version as tested today sells at 99 USD, and I feel that is really good value for the quality and features you get. The one comment we could make is that Corsair still has not moved to Bluetooth. Sure that solution would be more expensive and create other challenges, but with the current Avnera Wireless solution you can only connect the headphone to one host, your PC. With Bluetooth you could have used it more diversely  with say your smartphone, TV, compatible console or whatever compatible device. Then again, this is a PC gaming headset and it does serve that purpose really well.

Yes, for what it is and offers I'd qualify the VOID PRO RGB as one of the best, if not the best gaming headsets we have tested to date. It really is very good. Highly recommended, a top pick and well worth the 99 bucks. Go order one now, if you need a new headset, I'd say. 

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