Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB Dolby headset review

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Showcase LED lighting (video)

LED lighting

Obviously RGB LED lighting is a bit of a trend these days, and you know it .. Corsair is king of RGB :-) Corsair implemented an RGB LED lighting system into the headset, in both ear-cups. The LED system can be software controlled in any color through the CUE software suite. We'll show you some examples later on. It doesn't stop with just a color selection, you can select, make and share animated profiles as well. E.g. the logo fades in and out, it can flash, it can rotate into a rainbow of colors. While we agree that for the end-user the feature is a bit useless (you cannot see it during gaming / neither would you want to as it is distracting) for the audience around you, it will however have a certain appeal in terms of aesthetics. 





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