Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 memory review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

The new Dominator Platinum RGB range is looking to be a nice addition in a long line of DDR4 memory products. Corsair did it right with nice dark DIMMs and subtle RGB (totally configurable at your preference with iCUE). BTW we heard about some RGB sync issues (lighting got out of phase with different DIMMs), with iCUE installed we have not noticed this, I have had the rainbow animation spread run for hours and it just worked. 


Taste is a personal thing, but we think it is hard to dislike the new Dominator Platinum RGB series. Even powered off  (LEDs) this memory looks really sharp and snazzy. Corsair is offering many configuration options from normal 18, 16 and CL14 low timings. Frequencies wise it is the same, running from 3000 up to 4266 MHz even. Honestly, we would recommend anything CL14 or CL16 at 3200 MHz for the best value for money, that goes for both Intel and AMD platforms. A 3200 MHZ Cl16 kit for example  (2x8GB) is listed at an MSRP 175 USD / 179 Euro. So that's 11 bucks per DIMM including the dandy heat spreader and RGB functionality. Volume, High frequency, or lower latency obviously change prizes. Our 3600 Mhz kit showed a really good Samsung B-die based memory with fair timings at a very acceptable frequency.  We discussed that many times already, super high clocked memory helps you in performance, but just a tiny little bit. Timings do matter and it certainly works out for this kit. 


The DIMMs we tested today are high-density 8GB DIMM modules, four of them and, as such, it is impressive to see that this kit can easily run that 3600 MHz frequency so easily. Obviously, the kit tested today is targeted at the latest series Coffee Lake Intel processor solutions where they work great as well. Overclocking wise we fooled around with it a little and you will be a bit more limited in that Intel platform.


We reached 3866 MHz stable at the same timings. The Ryzen platform then. When tweaked the Ryzen platform even reached 3600 MHZ CL16 at a command rate of 1, we did need 1.40 volts for that, and of course, our results will not be a given on your platform. However, felt more solid at 3466 MHz with CL16 1.35V which is a proper sweet spot. We did require the use of the latest BIOS, so be sure to upgrade that firmware. The kit worked fine at both Intel and AMD Ryzen platforms.




There are many DDR4 choices in the stores at the time of writing, from cheap to expensive. Corsair offers a premium memory DIMM based on Samsung B-Die ICs with a bit of tweaking potential, an exemplary RGB system as well as very nice and dark looking heat spreaders. They do so at prices that are comfortable and fair, As mentioned, if you stick to a 3200 MHz, the price sits at roughly 11 bucks per 8GB DIMM. That's really not bad for something this good looking. Most of all, it's a tested and stable memory series that is going to last you forever. Remember, we like more memory over faster memory. For a proper gaming PC we recommend 2x8 GB and for workstations, 32 GB (4x8GB) is slowly becoming the norm. Tweaking wise you'll get 3866 MHz CL16 out of the kit on an Intel platform (with a bit of luck) with the same timings and voltage. At a recommended 3200/3466 MHz on a Ryzen platform, you also should have a sweet spot. DRAM prices are going up and down a lot at the moment due to shortages and weird market happenings, making it more expensive than needed really. For your money, you receive DIMMs with a proper lifetime warranty. If you purchase this memory to combine on Coffee Lake, really, the DDR4 memory frequency isn't that important. If the price is better, a 3000 MHz 2x8 GB kit could get my recommendation. Ideally, a 3200 MHz kit might be a good sweet-spot as, from what we see. For Ryzen as a game PC that s different, you go get a 3200 Mhz kit and try and tweak it to 3466 MHz CL16 or 14 for a bit of extra value. The Capellix RGB LED setup itself is amazing. Yeah, it won't bring you extra performance so from that point of view RGB is so difficult to discuss, but the aesthetic value so definitely something else (please do check the video), very innovative.  The kit as tested today is for the guys and gals that want proper numbers on everything in their system combined with super premium aesthetics. Corsair covers these DIMMs with a limited lifetime warranty as well. If you are into the RGB genre, they're a top pick.

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