Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 memory review

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System Memory Bandwidth Performance / Tweaking

System Memory Bandwidth Performance

As explained - Intel has a couple of certified partners for memory to get some sweet XMP (Xtreme Memory Profiles) 2.0 profiles going. We test memory both at the default SPD/JEDEC 2133 MHz for DDR4 and then with XMP 2.0 enabled at 3600 MHz. That, my friends, is configured by enabling XMP in the BIOS and that's it. 




Default 3600 CL16 MHz 

So we applied 4000 MHz to the setup while keeping the same timings, unfortunately, that did not boot. 3866 MHz, however, does boot fine with advertised specifications. We did need to increase DIMM voltage towards 1.4 Volts. 




Above - Default clock frequency on CPU / 3866 MHz on DDR4


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