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Performance - Web Browser - 1024M Prime - 7Zip Decompression


The tool that overclockers like so much to determine performance and stability. In this test, we max out the number of threads corresponding to the processor and calculate 1024M of prime. This software is a computer program that calculates a set number of square roots using Newton's method for estimating functions, verifying the results by squaring them than comparing them with the original numbers.


Benchmarks: Google Chrome - Mozilla Kraken Browser

We added this benchmark as it is an underestimated thing, it's what we do all the time on the PC hence we are introducing a proper browser performance test. The Mozilla Kraken-browser benchmark applies multiple complex calculations based on javascript. This will bring you a good overview of browser performance. We test with the latest iteration of Google Chrome. 


Benchmarks: De/Compression  - 7-Zip Multi-threaded

In this segment of the benchmarks, we'll walk through compression software applications. We'll use 7-Zip and look at decompression performance. 7-Zip is a multi-threading archiver.


** We updated to build 18.05 for 7-Zip, invalidating all older memory test results. Ergo, we start from scratch here.

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