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COOL Watercooling
Manufacturer: Corsair
Information: websitePrice: 180 USD

Corsair Cool Watercool KitCorsair, ladies and gentlemen is a well established name in the memory industry. You all know them, you all at the very least heard about them. And yes, you are right to think about quality memory whenever their name comes up. Corsair sent a couple of products for us to review, so in the upcoming weeks we have no less then three of their products to show off to you. Of course memory is something we'll take a look at as we received some very "cool" samples but I figured it would be nice to start off with one of their products that is not exactly memory related.

Water-cooling. So like 5 out of ten of you will now go like, huh water-cooling. Dude, I didn't know Corsair sells that. Well they do, and guess what? It's pretty impressive too. The fine folks over at Corsair offers it under the label "Cool," which pretty much covers what it does now doesn't it?

What Corsair is offering is attractive and impressive, a complete do it yourself kit compatible available for all CPU sockets (with the right waterblock) and comes with pump, radiator, tubing; principally the whole lot you need to get that processor of yours cool and chilled down.

Included into the kit are:

  • CPU water-block stepped for P4 (socket T) and K7 (Socket A) with 2 feet of tubing pre-installed
  • CPU water-block for P4 (Socket 478) and K8/A64 (Socket 754/939/940) with 2 feet of tubing pre-installed
  • Retaining brackets for 462/478/754/775/939/940 pin processors
  • 120mm radiator w/120mm fan
  • RadBox external radiator mounting kit
  • 6 foot length of 3/8 inch (ID) clear vinyl tubing
  • 255ml of environmentally safe coolant
  • DDC 12volt DC industrial pump
  • Reservoir
  • (6) Nylon hose clamps
  • Fan guard
  • 1g tube thermal compound
  • PCI bracket with power cable
  • Pump mounting pad (foam)
  • 7 page Quick Install Guide
  • Detailed CD-ROM install guide (PDF)

Can Corsair live up to its reputation that they earned so hard from that memory business? Let's find out.

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Come on .. don't tell me that doesn't look sweet.

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