Biostar Racing B550 GTQ review

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Audio performance – RMAA

Audio performance – RMAA

RMAA suite is designed for testing the quality of analog and digital paths of any audio devices, be it a sound card, an MP3 player, a consumer CD/DVD player, or an acoustic set. The results are obtained by playing and recording test signals passed through the tested audio path by means of frequency analysis algorithms. A more common mark is also provided for those unfamiliar with measured technical parameters. A new version is the result of two years of development by the best experts in digital audio. RMAA 6.0 raises the bar of comfort and functionality for spectrum analyzers. That's why it is a program of choice for enthusiasts, professionals, and audio magazines around the world; and some manufacturers are developing new devices with the mandatory testing of their quality in RMAA. In short, the program at the moment is a de-facto standard providing a quick and easy measurement of technical parameters, without the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on specialized measurement systems. RMAA results are provided below:


The board did very decent here, with its ALC 1150 audio codec.


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