Biostar Racing B550 GTQ review

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Performance - CineBench 15

Processor performance: CineBench 15

The performance of processors and graphics cards is, as usual, determined on the basis of 3D scenes. A selection of test results allows a rough classification of the benefit for your own system. The CPU test is a scene with around 280,000 polygons, while the GPU test (based on OpenGL) comes with about a million polygons, high-resolution textures, and various effects. The results will be stated in points (CPU) and fps (GPU). According to the developers, this software has been "extensively developed to exploit the performance of new hardware as much as possible." The results are unsurprisingly nothing like those from the earlier versions. You'll notice we still need to add a number of processors, but all in due time. You'll also notice that the single-core perf paints a completely different picture here.  




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