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VRM Area Thermals

VRM Area Thermals

Lately, someone requested us to list VRM temperatures. We hooked into the sensors and started measuring. To do that, we ran the FPU and CPU torture test in AIDA. The chart plot shows the maximum VRM temperature measured at the thermal sensor level. The VRM temperatures you see listed in the chart are based on the max temp reported by the thermal sensors at the individual VRM stages.

  • System setup: normal conditions / default settings 
  • We start AIDA FPU Stress test, leave it running for 15 minutes, and note the highest temperature measured on VRM sensors.

We've put the measurements taken with pyrometer and thermal probes connected to the Lamptron SM436 PCI Fan/RGB controller and the values (idle/load) are put in a chart.



The highest reported temperature was 64 Celsius degrees. That's acceptable for a B-chipset motherboard. We think that even a 3900X would be fine here (not overclocked).

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