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The AURA Light LED System

The Light LED System

So we really need to dedicate a page on the RGB LED system on this motherboard as it is rather unique and a primary feature of this product. It might only be LEDs but it is a big chunk of what this product is all about. One of the more cool LED function is an RGB configurable LED that points at your DRAM which you can then light up and color to your preference. 


Throughout the motherboard hidden under the heatsink and shielding are LED arrays. These are actually color configurable and called Mystic Light. The LEDs can be configured as ON / OFF with just one color of your preference, but also you can select animations. There's a Aura RGB Strip Header on the motherboard as well which you can use to connect a compatible LED strip to.

Basically you install the AURA app and you will notice new features:


Photo's, I can tell you, do not do any justice so I made a quick video demonstrating some options and LED animations.

Have a peek at the video to get a bit of an idea what the Light LED system is all about. So the video below serves as an example of what you can relate to LED wise based on the Rampage Edition 10 motherboard. Alternatively, you can turn the LEDs off as well.

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