Asus X99 DeLuxe II motherboard review

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Performance - 3DMark 06 CPU | 3DMark Vantage CPU

3DMark 06 CPU Test

The aging 3DMark 06 nowadays is very CPU limited and that still makes it a good application to check CPU or APU performance. The scores that you see are the CPU test itself, not overall 3DMark 06 scores.


3DMark Vantage CPU Test

3DMark Vantage focuses on the two areas most critical to gaming performance: the CPU and the GPU. With the emergence of multi-package and multi-core configurations on both the CPU and GPU side, the performance scale of these areas has widened, and the visual and game-play effects made possible by these configurations are accordingly wide-ranging. This makes covering the entire spectrum of 3D gaming a difficult task. 3DMark Vantage has a standalone CPU test. It's very multi-core and multi-threading aware, it was no surprise to see the Core i7 series kick in real hard, it's also a title that likes HyperThreading which favors Core i7 tremendously. We'll look at the overall P score in the game segment of this article as well.


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