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Performance System Memory: DDR4 Quad Channel Memory Read & Write

Performance System Memory: Memory Read Test

So, for memory we had some proper DDR4 DIMMs to work with, Intel has a couple of certified partners for memory to get some sweet XMP 2.0 profiles going. We use a GSKILL CL14 32 GB Trident-Z kit:


These are the all new TridentZ kits (available in several colors) which allow for your usual JEDEC frequency at 2,133 MHz, but in the BIOS once you enable its XMP 2.0 profile, all of a sudden these run at 3,200 MHz / CL14. Combined with a quad-channel configuration, the memory performance is pretty staggering, let's have a look.



Above, the memory at default 2,133 MHz (CL15), 55K is not exactly boring, but you can go faster my man.


And for a little more shock and awe: 3,200 MHz on DDR4 (XMP) - reaching almost 68K MB/sec on writes. 
With Broadwell-E DDR4 2,133 and 2,400 MHz is the new norm, albeit 1,333/1,600 and 1,866 MHz are supported as well. But 2,133 MHz is what your BIOS will default to with JEDEC timings, and these will be the most cost-effective DDR4 DIMMs to find. Let's chart the results up:



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