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Performance Processor: Video Encoding & Transcoding

Video Transcoding

Video transcoding is well suited for systems that have more CPU cores. Encoding/transcoding to x.264 format is one of the most intensive tasks a processor can perform. In this test we encode a h.264 DTS 1080P trailer of 150 MB to Matroska x.264 with 5.1 channels AC3. We use the Handbrake software suite heavily threaded, the more processor cores it sees, the faster it can and will transcode. This software is perfect for benchmarking the CPU and memory.


Compute wise this title also allows you to test features like AVX and OpenCL. We are testing brute processor performance right now though. The displayed number is the number of frames rendered per second averaged out over the encoding process. The higher the number, the faster the performance is. It's exactly in applications like these where processors with more cores really shine as they are all utilized to the maximum.

Corona Ray Tracing

This tool is very easy to use, simply save, extract, and run the downloadable file from their site and you will get started and it will automatically give you results at the end that we can then use to compare performance between CPUs.


Workstation grade systems with up to 72 CPU threads can be used, meaning that this benchmark is made with heavy threading in mind, making it suitable for testing CPUs with both small and large CPU core counts. We just started using this test, results will build up over time. It clearly likes more CPU cores and a bit of threading.

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