ASUS PG27AQN Review - 360Hz 1440p monitor

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Photo overview

Photo overview


The stand provides height adjustment within 100 mm, tilt in the range from -5 to +20 degrees, and rotation of the body by 25 degrees right / left. The monitor can also flip to portrait mode (Pivot) in one direction without any additional backlash. 


To operate the monitor, a five-way joystick and extra physical keys are used, which is a familiar control scheme for other monitors in the PB|PG|MG|VG|XG series. The control system is designed for ease and comfort of use in any lighting and body position.




The retaining elements, inside of the mounting mechanisms, and the base of the stand are made of metal, and the base uses six rubber feet of different shapes for better grip on the work surface. The PG27AQN features an RGB lighting system, and the most spectacular option is the ROG logo with customizable backlighting.


It can be observed that the panel's semi-matte protective surface minimizes the crystalline effect and maintains good anti-reflective properties. The main connection interfaces are located at the back of the monitor and are positioned downwards for convenient cable connection, especially when the monitor is flipped to portrait mode.


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