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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion 

The Delta S Wireless is an opportunity for gamers to get a high-quality headset solution. The comfort it provides (also thanks to the lightweight design), the sound insulation, and the broad configurability make it an exciting product. The design is elegant thanks to the usage of black and white colors, and there’s no RGB. The quality is excellent, with the usage of the leatherette as a prime example. It’s a good package for the money you spend, given the two 50 mm neodymium magnets. The drivers offer a sound that’s detailed enough and has a broad spectrum. It’s not a headset aimed at music lovers (of course, if you’re not an audiophile, I don’t think they would even consider this product), but you can fine-tune it so it won’t hurt your ears. For the gamers – all is already set, thanks to the Armoury Crate, and the effects are great. The technology improves the player’s voice, and the mic’s noise cancellation is effective. The D-cups are suitable for more prominent ears (like mine). 


The wireless functionality is a great thing. The range reached 15 meters (Asus ROG states up to 25 meters), and the safe one was ~12 meters. The other thing about wireless usage is the battery life. Asus ROG says up to 25 hours. We checked it, and it was usually about 20h, so that’s still a nice result. You can charge the battery using the provided USB cable, and only 15 min charge should give you three hours of operation. Unfortunately, there’s no option for wired operation.

Wearing Comfort

Delta S Wireless is excellent in this respect. The simple design makes it feel outstanding in weight (relatively light) and very comfortable. The ear padding is satisfying, the headband is made very solidly, and it’s possible to adjust it. Even longer sessions are not tiresome, and your ears don’t get too warm despite using closed ear cups. 


You have to spend 199 EUR - Delta S Wireless is not the best deal on the market. It’s a more stylish (and elegant) option than most competitive offers. It offers excellent gaming audio quality and a microphone adequate for most users (mainly thanks to the noise-canceling technology). For me, the Delta S Wireless delivers a more than decent performance in music (but it’s not aimed at that purpose), especially after changing the EQ settings. Still – it’s way above average in gaming, thanks to proper 50 mm drivers. You get fantastic wearing comfort, and the headset is light. The headband should be durable, as are the ear cup mounts. The wireless functionality is implemented well; you get a ~20 hours (in our scenario) battery life, ranging between 12 and 15 meters. From the positive aspects, the headset is loud and comfortable, has versatile connection options, and has good sound quality (when tweaked). There’s also an additional set of ear cushions. From the not-so-great aspects – the microphone performance is not the best (although the noise cancellation works great), and the software is not always stable. There’s no possibility to use it as a wired headset (during the charge), and the battery life is not the greatest (but 20h should be OK for many users). Last but not least – the ROG Delta S Wireless is expensive. It’s a headset worthy of an Approved award. The 2-year warranty and the excellent build quality are the essential items to mention in the final lines of this review. 


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