Asus Delta S Wireless Headset review

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Features and specifications

Features and specification 


“ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Delta S Wireless is the first-ever dual-mode wireless ROG gaming headset. The Delta S Wireless features low-latency 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth modes for listening experiences on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. The headset’s concealed AI Beamforming Microphones with AI Noise Cancelation enable clear voice communication, giving users the benefits of a wireless headset with hidden mics without compromising voice communication quality. The Delta S Wireless offers up to 25 hours of battery life for non-stop gaming. Additionally, this lightweight headset includes ergonomic D-shaped ear cushions for comfortable listening.”



Audio Driver

Custom 50mm Neodymium



Wireless Range

Up to 25 meters

Battery Life

Up to 25 hours

Frequency Response

20Hz – 20kHz


32 Ohms

Mic Type


Mic Frequency Response

100Hz – 10kHz

Mic Sensitivity

-37 dB


310 g


Two years


Product features:

  1. Dual wireless modes
    With dual-mode wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, the Delta S Wireless enables incredible listening experiences across many devices, including PCs and mobile gaming devices. USB-C 2.4 GHz technology uses built-in antennas for almost-instantaneous signal transmission at a range of up to 25 meters. Similarly, Bluetooth mode provides a low-latency connection to ensure seamless audio.
  2. AI Beamforming Microphones with AI Noise Cancelation
    The AI Beamforming Microphones inside the Delta S Wireless create an acoustic zone that targets a 40° area in front of the user’s mouth and filters out distracting background noise from other directions for clear voice pick-up. Additionally, AI Noise Cancelation reduces over 500 million types of background noise, such as chatter, keyboard clatter, and mouse clicks, by up to 95%. Together, these technologies enable a clearer and more natural representation of the human voice with minimal distortion. The concealed microphone design provides a workaround to common boom mic problems like popping and wrong positioning. It enables the Delta S Wireless to deliver high-quality voice communication paired with comfort and style, making it ideal for gaming and streaming.
  3. Exclusive ASUS Essence drivers
    The Delta S Wireless can provide a balanced sound signature with more depth and texture than standard headsets. It features exclusive 50 mm ASUS Essence drivers in each ear cup for more detailed audio without distortion. The drivers are tilted 12° to channel audio directly into the ear canal for better sound and comfort. In addition, an airtight chamber design delivers more stable, richer sound. To top it all off, ROG Hyper-Grounding technology uses a multi-layer printed circuit board and a unique layout to prevent electromagnetic interference from delivering purer, noise-free audio.
  4. Ready for gaming marathons
    The Delta S Wireless offers up to 25 hours of battery life, with fast-charge support providing up to 3 hours of use with a quick 15-minute charge, allowing for immersive marathon gaming with minimal disruptions. The Delta S Wireless weighs just 318 grams. It features ergonomic D-shaped ear cushions that closely match the shape of human ears to reduce unnecessary contact areas by up to 20% for a more comfortable fit. The Delta S Wireless includes two sets of ear cushions—one protein leather and one fabric mesh—for ultimate comfort, even after hours of use. In addition, intuitive Armoury Crate software gives users complete control and customization options over AI Noise Cancelation, audio profiles, and other settings to enable users to tailor the headset to suit a wide range of games and scenarios.”


The MSRP is 199 EUR, so let’s see what this headset can offer.

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