Asus Delta S Wireless Headset review

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 Product Showcase



The ROG Deltas S Wireless has no RGB; it’s black and white (which brings a note of elegance) and weighs 318 g (so it’s a light headset). It’s comfortable on one side but very robust on the other.



The earcups on the Delta S Wireless are D-shaped, significant, and padded with a piece of leatherette fabric. The metal headband (which is covered with leatherette) is quite flexible, and it’s pleasant to the touch.



The feel of the headset is charming; the Delta S Wireless design is elegant, and it feels well-made and doesn’t feel rough to the touch. You can find the ROG name on top of the headband and the logos on the earcups.


Overall, the (D-shaped) cups are very comfortable to wear, even for a guy with a relatively big head, like me. The adjustable (leatherette) memory foam ear pads and the adjustable headband does their job well. Head sizes differ, but most users will probably find that they fit. The white ROG logos are placed on each headset.


On the left side, you can see the audio control wheel; then, there’s the function key and mode switch (2.4 GHz/BT). Then there’s a status indicator LED and the USB-C charging port.



There’s a hidden 2.4 GHz USB-C dongle on the right side. It’s magnetized for its maintenance.


The headband is also reinforced with metal, which means it’s super durable – and while there’s no RGB on offer, it isn’t too much of a loss.


The mics are not removable (they’re hidden on both earcups). To mute the mic, you need to push the audio control wheel.

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