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Performance gaming: Call of Duty 4

Gaming: Call of Duty 4

Activision recently released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the next installment in the popular war game series. Moving away from the World War II setting, Modern Warfare instead centers around a conflict involving Russia and the Middle East. And hey, you even get to die ... and then continue the game in the past.

Call of Duty 4 -- For this benchmark we use disguise ourselves in the Ghillie suit, load up ACT II - All Ghillied up. Not just for the great gameplay, but also the intense and dense graphics utilized are breathtaking. Massive high-quality texturing, shaders and a serious amount of shadows, fog and debris are applied in this level to mask and hide as best as you can.

Image Quality setting:

  • 4x Anti Aliasing
  • 16x anisotropic filtering
  • All settings maxed out

If you go "Huh" right now when you spot Core i7 performance, yeah we know. COD4 is just simply faster on a AMD 790 chipset. We've seen this a dozen of times on many different 790 chipset based motherboards and Phenom processors already.  It's fairly amazing to see really. But it's so constant, that it is not an anomaly.

COD4 is slowly aging, and with extremely fast graphics cards, you will slowly start to see an effect with faster processors. Even the 79 USD AMD Athlon X2 7750 competes very well. Two cores are more than enough on this title, and the high 2700 MHz clock frequency helps it out.

Fact is also, COD4 still is very GPU bound. Making the processors even faster then they already are didn't matter.

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