AMD Phenom II X4 810 and X3 720BE review (AM3)

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Performance - AES data encryption

CPU data encryption

For this test we encrypt some precious data with the help of the CPU. Data encryption has become a sad necessity for responsible data managers. Cryptography is the science of secret codes, enabling the confidentiality of communication through an insecure channel. The AES algorithm uses one of three cipher key strengths: a 128-, 192-, or 256-bit encryption key (password). Each encryption key size causes the algorithm to behave slightly differently, so the increasing key sizes not only offer a larger number of bits with which you can scramble the data, but also increase the complexity of the cipher algorithm. AES encryption is applied a lot in compressing software like WinZIP.

AMD typically is very good with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. And you can tell as the Phenom II 940 will overtake the Core i7 920. Look at the X4 810 take off.

And overclocked both processors however roughly around 20,000 KB/sec. The X3 gains from the higher overclock, the X4 from the additional processor core.

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