AMD Phenom II X4 810 and X3 720BE review (AM3)

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Performance - The Queens Solution

Queen CPU test

This simple integer benchmark focuses on the branch prediction capabilities and the misprediction penalties of the CPU. It finds the solutions for the classic "Queens problem" on a 10 by 10 sized chessboard. At the same clock speed theoretically the processor with the shorter pipeline and smaller misprediction penalties will attain higher benchmark scores. For example -- with HyperThreading disabled -- the Intel Northwood core processors get higher scores than the Intel Prescott core based ones due to the 20-step vs 31-step long pipeline. However, with enabled HyperThreading the picture is controversial, because due to architectural bottlenecks the Northwood core runs out of internal resources and slows down. Similarly, at the same clock speed AMD K8 class processors will be faster than AMD K7 ones due to the improved branch prediction capabilities of the K8 architecture.

CPU Queen test uses only the basic x86 instructions, it consumes less than 1 MB system memory and it is HyperThreading, multi-processor (SMP) and multi-core aware and thus is a multithreading CPU Benchmark with MMX, SSE2 and SSE3 optimizations.

Our Queen test has completely been redone with newer software. As such I have not had a change just yet to get more Core 2 results in here, sorry about that. I did manage to squeeze in the Q6600, QX6700 and Core i7 920 which makes this chart a valid comparative.

Keep in mind that the X4 810 is 175 USD and the X3 only 145 USD !

And once we start to overclock we see a massive shift in overall performance, especially for the X3.

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