AMD Phenom II X4 810 and X3 720BE review (AM3)

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Performance - 3DMark06 GPU and CPU tests

3DMark 06 CPU test

Well, everybody loves 3DMark06, and nowadays, it's CPU limited, making it an okay application to check CPU performance. The scores that you see obviously are the CPU test itself, not overall 3DMark06 scores.

And again, the overclocked results. Scaling is pretty similar in roughly all benchmarks.


WinRAR performanceOne of the oldest applications in the book actually has a nice benchmark included in it. What's real nice about it is that it pretty sensitive towards system changes, such as memory. An excellent tool to have included into this memory test.

When we have WinRAR we again see that hyper-threading on Core i7 is kicking in so freakishly hard here that it's nearly embarrassing to look at. It has to do with the sheer power of Core i7 combo of fast CPU cores, cashes, hyper-threading and extreme memory bandwidth due to triple channel memory.

Overclocked we see marginal gains here. But every little bit helps of course.

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