3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling review

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We're going blue today !

It's 2006 and you've been reading Guru3D.com for a while now right ? Then you must know I initially was not a big fan of using water inside a PC. It was scary considering you have conductive fluid inside an electrical system but I've been converted and am a believer. All the primary systems in my office are equipped with a water-cooling solution, I kid you not. Why you ask? Oh, just the noise level and the extraordinary cooling effect it has on components. On the previous page we discussed the basics of cooling. Right now we'll slowly dive into a photo shoot and emerge again later with a performance overview followed by Guru3D's verdict on this product.

When you've had a peek at one of the photo's you'll notice that is one huge case. We used a big-ass Cololermaster WaveMaster that I still had lying around. Furthermore we'll use a

lovely Conroe processor to see if the thermals are right and overclocking is any good.

The Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye we'll be testing today come carefully packaged.

If you look at the entire casing you'll notice a Radiator, then blue LED colored reservoir with pump, a bottle holding cooling liquid, tubing with lost of additional connects, splitter valves (extremely clever!) a copper waterblock that we'll mount onto the processor.

Well more than that actually, t

he 3D Galaxy II set consists of the following components:
  • Large, pure copper base with unique water path design
  • Long-life, quite and powerful ceramic bearing pump
  • Low water-level protection (LWP) and over-temperature protection (OTP) (Patent pending)
  • Clear blue LED tank for straightforward coolant refilling
  • Large aluminum radiator with 4-part water-path design
  • Radiator-- easy installation
  • Multi-purpose Nano-scale GIGABYTE coolant
  • 1/2 inch special UV tubing material allows for extreme angling and flexing
  • Fully compliant with MOSFET cooling solution. (Patent pending)
  • GIGABYTE excusive 4-way splitter valve design for faster replacement and add new cooling equipment
  • PCI rear fan controller
  • Free heat sink for memory
table_tl.gif blank.gif table_tr.gif
blank.gif Waterblock Dimensions / 68 x 92 x 30 mm Material / Cu base+ PC cover MOSFET Compliant / Yes
Pump Dimensions / 61 x 60 x 46 mm Maximum Capacity / 400 L/hr Noise / 20 dBA below Bearing Type / Ceramic Bearing Life Expectancy / 70000hrs (MTBF) Radiator Dimensions / 125 x 197 x 64 mm Material / Aluminum Fan size / 120 x 120 x 25 mm Fan Connector / 3 pin Tank Dimensions / 100 x 197 x 55 mm Capacity / 220cc. Tube Dimension / 1/2 inch Material / PVC(UV sensitive) Coolant Capacity / 600cc. Color / Lite Blue Valve Dimension / inlet:1/2"; outlet:1/4"*2,1/2"*1 Material / POM Compatible CPU Intel® Pentium® Extreme Edition Series Intel® Pentium® D Processor Series Intel® PentiumR 4 Processor Series(LGA 775) Intel® Conroe 2 Duo Processor Series AMD AM2 Series AMD Athlon FX Series AMD Athlon 64x2 Series AMD Athlon 64 Series blank.giftable_bl.gif blank.gif table_br.gif

Next to that I already mentioned you can optionally buy additional components to cool down other parts of the system. We'll cool down a graphics card today as well with the "Blue Eye" water-block which comes with the following:

  • UV sensitive flow indicator insert come with blue LED which monitor the water flow right away directly
  • Supports nVidia SLi solution & ATi CrossFire solution
  • Large, pure copper base with unique water path design
  • High-level aluminum panel with blue ground housing
  • Skid proof & Easy to install - tube clips
  • Universal design to connect most liquid cooling systems
  • Additional heat sink for memory

The thing you'll notice the most about this water-cooling kit are the fantastic looks. Aesthetics come first.

Let's dive into this guide with the help on an extensive photo-shoot.

table_tl.gif blank.gif table_tr.gif
blank.gif Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling - Copyright 2006 Guru3D.com blank.gif
table_bl.gif blank.gif table_br.gif

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