3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling review

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Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling - Copyright 2006 Guru3D.com

3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling kit

Manufacurer: GigabytePrice: $150 US

As you guys know by now water-cooling is one of the most efficient ways of cooling down a CPU. And it's not just efficient, it's usually very quiet to the ears and it can look fantastic in a system.

With these three key factors in mind that extremely big company, Gigabyte. Gigabyte's core business, among many other products, is making graphics cards, mainboards for Intel and AMD based platforms, network products and well... what don't they make these days? They have been doing this for quite a while now with a tremendous amount of success. In their product line they have got a good number of thermal products, among them air coolers and now H2O kits. They started developing a water-cooling kit over the past year. Back in March 2006 when I was at the CeBIT their kit was still in development yet it immediately caught my attention as it was just looking really cool.

What we'll be testing today is a water-cooling kit called 3D Galaxy II (GH-WIU02) and additionally to that kit something called the Blue Eye, which is water block for graphics cards that you can buy optionally with this kit.

The product range is targeted at the high-end enthusiast consumer & gamer. A consumer that hates noise and is willing to invest in that all-in-one solution. In the coming pages you'll be amazed how good this setup looks, how it's delivered and also manufactured.

The water-cooling kit in one word is looking "amazing"; but is it any good ? You can find out over the next few pages as we'll show you everything from A to Z in a large photo guided article.

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Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling - Copyright 2006 Guru3D.com

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