Windows 10 Users Targeted with Persistent Upgrade Prompts to Windows 11

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Microsoft is stepping up their game to encourage everyone still on Windows 10 to leap to Windows 11. They've started popping up these big, hard-to-ignore ads on your screen, which you might have seen if you're still using Windows 10. Not everyone's getting these nudges, though. They kicked off after a recent optional update in January. And these aren't the typical ads that you can just close and forget about. Nope, they've made them so you've got to actually pay attention and click through four different slides that talk up all the great things about Windows 11. But they don't mention if your computer might not be up to running it, which feels a bit sneaky.

You get a choice at the end – say no thanks to the upgrade or go ahead and start downloading Windows 11. They do say you can switch back to Windows 10 within 10 days and keep all your stuff, which is something. But it's pretty clear Microsoft is pushing hard for this switch. Despite their efforts, a lot of us are still on Windows 10 – about 66.45% of PCs, according to Statcounter. Only 27.82% have moved on to Windows 11. Looks like Microsoft might keep turning up the heat to get more of us to update.

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