Venus Series UM560XT Mini PC: Compact PC by MINISFORUM

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MINISFORUM, unveils the Venus series UM560XT Mini PC running on the AMD Ryzen 5 5600H mobile processor. Boasting a diminutive form factor measuring just 128 x 126.6 x 46.5mm, the UM560XT is a versatile Mini PC tailored for diverse applications.

Equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, the UM560XT facilitates effortless wireless connectivity. For a captivating visual experience, it includes two HDMI (4k@60hz) ports and a USB Type-C (4k@60hz) port for high-resolution video output. The UM560XT comes pre-loaded with Windows 11 Professional, expediting user setup for various computing tasks.

Supporting dual-channel DDR4 memory and triple-screen displays, the UM560XT delivers a smooth and efficient computing performance. Its compact size, combined with robust capabilities, makes it the ideal solution for home office, entertainment, and gaming purposes.

MINISFORUM continues its commitment to excellence with the introduction of the UM560XT. Embodying a fusion of compact design, superior performance, and flexible usage possibilities, the UM560XT Mini PC merits consideration from those seeking dependable computing solutions.

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