Unconfirmed 96-core AMD EPYC Genoa-X engineering sample emerges on Chinese platform

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An alleged engineering sample of AMD's unreleased EPYC Genoa-X CPU has appeared on a Chinese website. The server CPU, based on the Zen 4 architecture, features 3D V-Cache technology. AMD has previously acknowledged Genoa-X's development, but an official release date remains unknown.

The unannounced processor surfaced on the Chinese platform Goofish, as noted by Twitter user Olrak29_ and reported by VideoCardz. The Chinese second-hand market has become a hotspot for unreleased hardware and early engineering samples, occasionally even offering nearly market-ready qualification samples. Platforms such as Goofish often list upcoming Intel Core and AMD Ryzen CPUs ahead of their release dates. An individual is apparently selling the unannounced AMD EPYC Genoa-X processor, an updated Zen4-based data-center chip equipped with 3D V-Cache. The processor lacks a confirmed release date.

The supposed sample for sale is the EPYC 9684X, described as "almost new" and functional. This specific model features 96 cores and 1152 MB of L3 Cache, with only one unit available. The sale of this CPU is unauthorized, originating from an AMD partner without permission to sell it. Neither AMD nor Intel are known for proactively removing such listings. AMD can easily trace this particular sample due to the full QR code posted by the seller.

AMD's Genoa-X succeeds the Milan-X (Zen3), optimized for technical computing and databases where the extended L3 cache offers significant benefits. The CPU series is officially slated for release this year, but AMD has not provided a specific launch date. The EPYC 9684X sample in question is purported to have 96 cores and over 1GB of L3 cache, resembling the design of existing Genoa processors in the EPYC 9004 series. As the successor to Milan-X, AMD Genoa-X will include 3D V-Cache, which adds 64MB of L3 cache to each ccd. With a maximum of twelve CCDs, Genoa can receive up to 768 MB of additional cache. This comes in addition to Genoa's standard 368MB of L3 cache, totaling 1152MB.

While AMD has confirmed the upcoming release of its EPYC Genoa-X server processors with 3D V-Cache. The CPUs are anticipated to launch later this year, though AMD has not specified an exact date or provided specs for individual models.

Unconfirmed 96-core AMD EPYC Genoa-X engineering sample emerges on Chinese platform

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