Samsung LPCAMM Memory Module: 60% Smaller Than SO-DIMM for Next-Gen Notebooks

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Samsung unveiled the LPCAMM form factor memory module, designed for next-generation notebook PCs, with a significant reduction in size compared to SO-DIMM. This announcement was made on September 26, 2023, marking a shift from the conventional SO-DIMM standard.

SO-DIMM has long been the go-to memory solution for notebook PCs, but it suffers from limitations such as lower clock speeds and larger physical dimensions when compared to LPDDR. The LPDDR technology, increasingly prevalent in slim notebook PCs, offers superior space efficiency and faster performance. However, it is directly soldered to the motherboard, rendering it non-replaceable in the event of memory failure or the need for capacity upgrades.

"LPCAMM" emerges as a solution to address the shortcomings of both SO-DIMM and LPDDR. While retaining the removable module design of SO-DIMM, it achieves a remarkable 60% reduction in physical size. Moreover, it delivers up to a 50% boost in performance and up to 70% enhanced power efficiency, making it particularly suitable for deployment in mobile notebook PCs.


Samsung has announced plans to commence commercialization of "LPCAMM" in 2024. Additionally, its exceptional power-saving capabilities position it as a compelling option for data centers and servers, suggesting potential adoption beyond notebook PCs into these domains.

For more information, you can visit Samsung Electronics' official announcement here: Samsung Electronics' Industry-First LPCAMM Ushers in Future of Memory Modules.


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