New Nvidia Head Quarters back on track after delay

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Thoughy delayed by a year or two Nvidia is now putting their futuristic Santa Clara campus project back on track, with a new design. The company confirmed last Tuesday that it would soon start demolition to make way for the new 500,000-square-foot, triangular building.

The project was revealed with fanfare in 2013 and was held out as another example of innovative design shaking up Silicon Valley's largely hum-drum office scene. But observers watched and waited, and nothing happened on Nvidia's 36-acre project site. In February 2014, executives said they were hitting the pause button to get the design — and price (a reported $300 million) — just right.

With those hurdles apparently cleared, it's full steam ahead for Nvidia. The company had about 9,228 employees as of January 2015. That is up from 8,808 employees the year prior.

“NVIDIA is growing. We are expanding our campus to support our growth businesses," Nvidia spokesman Hector Marinez told me. "After working hard to optimize each aspect of the building’s design and cost, we are ready to move forward." He declined to elaborate on cost changes.

The confirmation is a milestone for the company, which has coveted its own ground-up project since at least 2009, when Nvidia bought the land. The company soon gained entitlements to build up to 2 million square feet of office there, but those plans didn't go anywhere in the recession, and Nvidia has instead concentrated on rehabbing buildings on the site.

So this was the original design two years ago:

And below the final concept.

The project will be mostly office, along with labs and other spaces. About 1,500 parking spaces are also in the works, mostly below the office levels. The campus is already fully approved by the city of Santa Clara; occupancy is slated for the end of 2017.

New Nvidia Head Quarters back on track after delay

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