MSI BIOS Update for 14th Gen Intel Core CPUs Enables APO Support

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A BIOS update is in development by MSI to incorporate Intel Application Optimization (APO) support for the latest 14th Generation Intel Core processors.This update is set to enhance system performance through workload optimization. Intel APO, however, is not backward compatible and remains exclusive to the 14th Generation Intel CPUs.

Intel APO, building upon the company's Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT), is engineered to optimize resource allocation, particularly for gaming applications, by distributing tasks effectively across the processor's Performance-cores (P-cores) to maximize frequency and improve gaming output. The technology is integrated into select models such as the i9-14900K/KF.

The initial deployment of the BIOS update from MSI is tailored for Intel Core i7-14700K, i7-14700KF, i9-14900K, and i9-14900KF processors, conspicuously omitting Core i5 variants which could also benefit from the gaming performance improvements APO provides.  This limitation excludes previous generations, including the 13th Generation, from utilizing APO despite their similarities in performance capabilities and design architecture.

Intel APO's current gaming support is limited, enhancing performance in only two titles to date: "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" and "Metro Exodus." Users can experience up to a 13% frame rate increase in the former and a 16% enhancement in the latter when APO is activated.


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