MSI Addresses Noise Issues in MAG CORELIQUID E Series AIO Water Coolers and Offers Replacement or Refund

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MSI specifically in Japan issued a statement regarding abnormal noise observed in the pump section of its all-in-one (AIO) water cooling units, the MAG CORELIQUID E series. The company has acknowledged the issue and is offering a product replacement or a refund to affected customers.The noise issue, as detailed in the announcement, arises when the internal impeller of the pump makes contact with the cavity, particularly within the rotational speed range of 1,600 to 1,800 rpm. This contact is the identified cause of the abnormal noise reported by users.  The models impacted by this issue include four variants: "MAG CORELIQUID E240," "MAG CORELIQUID E240 WHITE," "MAG CORELIQUID E360," and "MAG CORELIQUID E360 WHITE." MSI is extending an offer to purchasers of these models to either exchange their product with a replacement unit or receive a refund.

For customers to avail of this support, they must provide the product's purchase certificate, the agency warranty sticker, and a photograph of the serial number located on the product. Those opting for a refund will be directly contacted by the store where the product was originally purchased.

MSI has listed the replacement products for each affected model as follows:

  • For "MAG CORELIQUID E240 / WHITE," the replacements are "MPG CORELIQUID K240" or "MPG CORELIQUID K240 V2."
  • For "MAG CORELIQUID E360 / WHITE," the replacement is "MEG CORELIQUID S360."

Customers seeking assistance or more information regarding the replacement process are encouraged to contact MSI Support.


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