Merry Christmas 2010 from Guru3D !

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In this festive moment, it is time to recollect all the good we've had this year and look in anticipation of that upcoming holiday joy.

On behalf of all the staff-members, let us wish you a Merry Christmas and in advance a Happy New Year 2011! Thanks for being with us and thanks your support! Please, accept our sincere wishes of sound health, prosperity and a lot of gaming and hardware fun !

If you have a chance to do so, check back on Christmas morning, when we'll startup a Christmas competition in which some nice prizes are to be won.

So keep the news in close vicinity, here's where we'll announce the competitions.

Contest 1 (closed)- For our first little Christmas 2010 contest we've teamed up with the graphics department from MSI, we'll be giving away 2000 USD worth of 3DMark 11 Advanced edition keys. Read all about it right here.

Contest 2 (closed) - For our second little Christmas 2010 contest we feel it's time for the traditional logo hunt contest ! To keep things cool we teamed up with Noctua and Coolink as we'll be handing out processor coolers including some of the most sexy CPU coolers we know you guys love so much. Read all about it right here.

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