ID-COOLING Introduces FROZN A720 BLACK Dual-Tower Air-Cooling Radiator

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ID-COOLING is thrilled to introduce the FROZN A720 BLACK. This air-cooler represents a significant upgrade for those seeking to improve their PC's cooling efficiency. It boasts a sophisticated dual-tower and dual-fan design, constructed with 76mm copper tubes and a robust copper base for optimal heat transfer. We've equipped this cooler with two proprietary 14025 fans and complemented it with our high-efficiency FROST X25 thermal paste, featuring a thermal conductivity rate of 10.5W/m*K. This combination is engineered to manage thermal loads up to 300W TDP, ensuring your system remains cool even under intense usage.

The air-cooler operates within a fan speed range of 500 to 2000 RPM, delivering a maximum air volume of 98.6CFM, a maximum air pressure of 2.26mmH2O, and emitting a maximum noise level of 33.5dBA. The FROZN A720 BLACK measures 163mm in height in standard mode (supporting up to 28mm memory) and 170mm in height in avoidance mode (supporting up to 34mm memory). Priced at US$69.99 internationally (approximately 505 yuan), the FROZN A720 BLACK stands as a premium offering from ID-COOLING. 

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