Gelid Phase Change Thermal Interface Material for High-Performance Devices

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The product, named HeatPhase Ultra, incorporates advanced technology to ensure consistent thermal management over an extended period. Its formulation is engineered to maintain efficacy without degradation, avoiding the typical hardening or wear that can occur with standard thermal materials. This characteristic contributes to the material's ability to deliver sustained temperature regulation.

GELID Solutions has introduced a new Phase Change Thermal Interface Material (TIM) tailored for modern high-performance computing devices. In terms of safety, HeatPhase Ultra has been designed to mitigate the risk of electrical hazards, including the potential for short circuits, which is particularly beneficial for sensitive electronic applications.

The application process of HeatPhase Ultra is engineered for ease of use, with a formulation that prevents the TIM from bleeding and ensures it remains stationary upon application, facilitating a clean and efficient installation. This user-centric design streamlines the application and removal process, which is advantageous for both technicians and end-users.


Addressing compatibility needs, HeatPhase Ultra is available in two variants, one compatible with Intel processors and the other with AMD processors. This specialized design ensures a proper fit and optimal thermal management across different computing systems, enhancing the performance and longevity of a variety of electronic devices.

The HeatPhase Ultra has a MSRP:

  • For Intel USD 9.50 or EUR 9.50
  • For AMD USD 10.00 or EUR 10.00

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