Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Update: Introducing RT Overdrive & Path Tracing Technology Preview

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CD Projekt Red has officially launched a significant update for Cyberpunk 2077, featuring the much-anticipated RT: Overdrive mode and a Path Tracing technology preview, among other enhancements.

This update introduces Ray Tracing Overdrive and Path Tracing presets, both of which require manual activation. However, the RT: Overdrive Mode is exclusively compatible with NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards and is functional on the RTX 3090, but only up to 1080p resolution.

Additionally, the update incorporates a Path Tracing option for Photo Mode and supports NVIDIA DLAA, an AI-driven anti-aliasing mode designed to boost image quality. To ensure balance, CD Projekt Red has also integrated support for Intel XeSS 1.1 and made slight improvements to benchmark performance. Unfortunately, the update does not address anticipated gameplay enhancements, which are expected in a subsequent patch.

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.62 highlights:

Path Tracing: Technology Preview

  • A Ray Tracing: Overdrive preset with Path Tracing technology is now available. Activate the preset in Settings > Graphics > Quick Preset, or enable Path Tracing separately in Settings > Graphics under the Ray Tracing category.

  • Users can now generate path-traced screenshots in Photo Mode for other Ray-Tracing-compatible GPUs with at least 8GB VRAM. For graphics cards with over 8GB VRAM, lower in-game resolution if the option remains unavailable. Note that less powerful GPUs and higher resolutions may result in extended screenshot processing times. Activate Path Tracing for Photo Mode in Settings > Graphics under the Ray Tracing category.


  • NVIDIA DLAA, an AI-powered anti-aliasing mode, is now available for improving image quality. NVIDIA RTX graphics cards are required for DLAA functionality, which can be enabled in Settings > Graphics under the NVIDIA DLSS section.

Intel XeSS

  • Support for Intel Xe Super Sampling 1.1 is now available, offering enhanced performance and superior image quality via machine learning-based upscaling. Enable this feature in Settings > Graphics under the Resolution Scaling category.

Benchmark Improvements

  • The Benchmark now displays additional information, such as PC specifications, GPU driver version, and selected settings, on the results screen.

CD Projekt Red (CDPR) acknowledges that Cyberpunk 2077's path tracing feature may not be flawless upon initial release. As a result, players might encounter some issues, leading the company to consider it as a technology preview for the time being. CDPR commits to refining and enhancing this feature in the future.

Nvidia's benchmarks reveal that the RTX 4090 card can achieve 186 fps in Full HD, 133 fps in WQHD, and 103 fps in UHD, all with DLSS 3 quality. The RTX 4080, on the other hand, can reach 149 fps, 98 fps, and 74 fps in those respective settings. It is expected that the 4070 Ti and 4070 models may struggle significantly in UHD and, at times, WQHD.For cards with a minimum of 8 GiB VRAM, path tracing can be activated in photo mode, enabling players to capture screenshots and experience the enhanced visuals without overburdening their hardware. According to CDPR, only a single image is rendered in photo mode.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Update: Introducing RT Overdrive & Path Tracing Technology Preview

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