COUGAR Cratus: Unveiling the Legendary Mid-Tower PC Case with Innovative Thermal Design

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With four contoured tempered glass panels—designed for both visual appeal and structural resilience—PC enthusiasts can transform the spacious interior into a captivating display of their modding prowess and creative flair, or simply showcase their impressive build.

COUGAR presents the Cratus, a remarkable and memorable mid-tower PC case where legendary moments are born and masterpieces are crafted. The Cratus features a meticulously engineered steel tube frame, offering exceptional strength and stability, while redefining expectations of a minimalist bezel and exoskeletal design. In a groundbreaking industry-first, COUGAR harnesses the principles of thermal convection to deliver exceptional thermal performance. The innovative angled interior design fosters a cyclical airflow pattern, with hot air rising and cool air descending, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency. Furthermore, extensive compatibility with a wide array of cooling solutions guarantees that high-performance components are always safeguarded from overheatingThe Cratus is the apex of COUGAR's design and engineering: a statement of proof-of-capability. Taking the "C" glyph from its namesake as a point of inspiration, the Cratus integrates functionality with art, complementing form with a dazzling lighting array and removing all barriers to creative expression with ingenious cable management. The Cratus opens a world of custom creation with features including:

  • Precision Meets Art: The Cratus combines precision-tooled steel tubes with contoured, tempered glass in a synthesis of sculpture and zero-deviance craftsmanship. Tinted panels showcase an abundance of space for high-end components and infinite modding options.
  • Convection Dynamics: Inspired by the principles of heat convection, an elevated angle is engineered into the interior layout, delivering superior thermal performance and airflow as well as providing extra space for the PSU.
  • Strength and Beauty: Functionality is seamlessly integrated with aesthetics into the Cratus architecture: sturdy connectors and easy-carry handles blend organically into its structure, offering stability and strength without compromising its striking looks.
  • Dynamic Lighting: A distinctive lightbar accents the uniquely minimal bezel and a dedicated RGB button gives you total control of a dazzling array of lighting effects. The built-in LED controller is compatible with the motherboard's 5 V ARGB connection for system-wide lighting synchronization.
  • Limitless Build Capacity: With excellent support for an E-ATX motherboard, 460 mm graphics cards, two 3.5" HDDs and three 2.5" SSDs, the mighty Cratus can house even the most extreme system builds.
  • Peak Cable Management: Making it simple and fast to route cables into an ample 45 mm storage space through a hinged cover allows you to show off an unobstructed, clean view of your build.
  • Total Cooling. Total Freedom: The open-framed design supports up to 360 mm water cooling radiators, a 190 mm CPU cooler and 9 fans: the ability to optimize your cooling system with unparalleled freedom protects your rig from overheating during even the most intense sessions.
  • MSRP US $499
  • Available now

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