COUGAR Cratus: Unveiling the Legendary Mid-Tower PC Case with Innovative Thermal Design

With four contoured tempered glass panels—designed for both visual appeal and structural resilience—PC enthusiasts can transform the spacious interior into a captivating display of their modding prowess and creative flair, or simply showcase their impressive build.

COUGAR presents the Cratus, a remarkable and memorable mid-tower PC case where legendary moments are born and masterpieces are crafted. The Cratus features a meticulously engineered steel tube frame, offering exceptional strength and stability, while redefining expectations of a minimalist bezel and exoskeletal design. In a groundbreaking industry-first, COUGAR harnesses the principles of thermal convection to deliver exceptional thermal performance. The innovative angled interior design fosters a cyclical airflow pattern, with hot air rising and cool air descending, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency. Furthermore, extensive compatibility with a wide array of cooling solutions guarantees that high-performance components are always safeguarded from overheatingThe Cratus is the apex of COUGAR's design and engineering: a statement of proof-of-capability. Taking the "C" glyph from its namesake as a point of inspiration, the Cratus integrates functionality with art, complementing form with a dazzling lighting array and removing all barriers to creative expression with ingenious cable management. The Cratus opens a world of custom creation with features including:

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