BenQ Introduces ScreenBar Pro: A New Display Light

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BenQ announced the launch of the ScreenBar Pro, a new display light specifically designed for ultrawide and dual monitor setups. The product is available immediately in two color options: black and silver. The company, based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, has not set a fixed price, but the estimated retail price is approximately $150 USD, based on the current exchange rate from the Japanese yen. The ScreenBar Pro stands out due to its capability to deliver a variable illumination range from 1,000 lux to 500 lux, making it the model with the broadest lighting coverage in its series. It features a significant width of 850 mm and a depth of 500 mm, tailored to enhance visibility across extensive desktop spaces.

Employing the third-generation ASYM-Light technology, this model effectively reduces glare on screens. This asymmetric optical approach is pivotal in decreasing visual discomfort and eye strain during prolonged periods of use, thereby optimizing user comfort and productivity.

BenQ has integrated several functional advancements into the ScreenBar Pro, including an ultrasonic sensor that automatically controls the light's on and off settings. The device also boasts a new clamp design, which ensures a stable attachment to various monitors, regardless of any irregularities or protrusions on their backs. Additionally, it features an automatic dimming capability to adjust lighting based on ambient conditions.

The color quality of the light is superior, with a color rendering index (Ra) of at least 95 and a color fidelity (Rf) of at least 96, ensuring accurate color perception. The ScreenBar Pro is powered via a USB Type-C connection, and its dimensions are 500 mm in width, 135 mm in height, and 92 mm in depth, with a light weight of 0.62 kg. It also includes a 180 cm cable, providing flexibility in setup across different workspace configurations.

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