AMD Re-Releases Anti-Lag 2 Technology - Preview with Counter Strike 2 Compatibility

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AMD has reintroduced its latency reduction technology, formerly known as Radeon Anti-Lag+, now rebranded as Anti-Lag 2. This update comes in response to the initial launch issues where the technology was found to interfere with anti-cheat systems, notably Valve’s VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), during gameplay in titles such as Counter Strike 2. Previously, the technology aimed to compete with NVIDIA Reflex by reducing system latency not only in competitive online games like Counter Strike 2 but also in supporting the FSR 3 Frame Generation. However, due to complications with anti-cheat systems which resulted in the wrongful suspension of gamer accounts, AMD temporarily withdrew the feature. AMD has now overhauled Anti-Lag 2, making it game engine-based rather than driver-based. This shift ensures that the frame pacing, which synchronizes CPU and GPU output to minimize latency, is now integrated into the game’s engine itself rather than being managed externally by the driver software. This change addresses the previous issues where the frame pacing mechanism could be mistakenly identified by anti-cheat software as a cheat tool like aimbots or wall hacks.

To deploy Anti-Lag 2, users are required to install a special preview version of AMD’s Adrenalin Software, specifically the 24.5.1 release. Additionally, the latest patch for Counter Strike 2 must be applied since it includes the necessary code to support the new Anti-Lag 2 technology.


This revised approach allows for better performance optimization directly within the game engine, potentially providing a smoother gaming experience with reduced latency. AMD’s decision to integrate the technology at the engine level also means that its effectiveness and adoption are now somewhat dependent on collaboration with game developers.


Players interested in benefiting from Anti-Lag 2 need to ensure that their version of Counter Strike 2 is up-to-date and that they have downloaded and installed the AMD Software Adrenalin Anti-Lag 2 Preview driver. Following these updates, the Anti-Lag 2 feature should be available within the game’s settings, allowing players to enable it for a potentially improved gaming experience.


Source: AMD / driver

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